January 31, 2018

.NL ccTLD records a rise of 100,000 registrations

The growth is attributed to the easy and reliable registration process of the .NL ccTLD preferred by businesses in the Netherlands.

.NL, the ccTLD of the Netherlands, has registered a rise of 100,000 domain names in the year 2017 says SIDN, the registry service provider for the ccTLD. SIDN further revealed that this rise has primarily been due to easy-to-register services which have made the ccTLD a preferred destination in comparison to other domains for businesses thriving in the Netherlands.

According to SIDN, the .NL ccTLD has been a preferred domain for 73% of the business registrants in comparison to .COM, .EU and .ORG TLDs. They claim that most of these domains take time to register and the stringent processes involved cause delay in getting their business websites up and running.

SIDN say that earlier, business owners depended on the expertise of web professionals when it came to registering domain names. But with the .NL registration services made easy, there has been no need for this segment to take any heed or advice from anyone, SIDN explained.

With this development, it would be interesting to see how the other TLDs providing domain registration services in the Netherlands make the process easier to gain customer confidence.

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