February 6, 2019

Aspire Systems amplifies cloud prowess with dual acquisitions

With these acquisitions, Aspire will help SMBs move from on-premise environments to the cloud as well as strengthen their own ERP-cloud prowess.

Global ICT company Aspire Systems have announced that they have acquired iApps, an Oracle Fusion firm based in UAE and are closing the acquisition deal for Oracle’s Valforma. With these dual acquisitions, Aspire aim to help SMBs transit to the cloud as well as strengthen their own ERP-cloud capabilities.

According to Aspire, SMBs are ready to move their traditional workloads to the cloud in a bid to digitize themselves. They claim that this segment is aware of the benefits of the cloud are ready to deploy them to manage critical workloads.

In addition to this, Aspire claim that enterprises that use ERP solutions also need cloud-backed solutions to enable faster processing, better collaboration and easy use of analytics. They say that the acquisition will allow enterprises to leverage iApps’ iEstate, iAutodealer, iPublish, etc. which are industry-specific cloud accelerators.

Gowri Shankar Subramanian, Chairman and CEO at Aspire Systems stated that iApps and Valforma acquisitions are in line with their strategy to invest and deepen their digital capabilities. He further added that these acquisitions will allow them to expand globally across various markets.

In closing, Aspire said that the deals are subject to mandatory approvals but they did not share the financials of the deal. It will be exciting to see how the race for cloud intensifies among the SMB segment, following AllCloud’s acquisition of Figur8.