January 23, 2017

.NET Registry fee to increase from 1st February

Verisign will increase the Registry fee to $8.20

Cloud Security Alliance

This week, Verisign, the operating Registry for .NET domains announced its plans to increase its Registry fee from 1st February. The Registry fee is the amount charged by a Registry to its Registrars for the domain extension.

On February 1st, Verisign is increasing the .NET Registry fee to $8.20 from $7.46, which is a 10% increase.

.NET’s registration numbers have been hovering around the 15 million mark for the past year and the increase in registration fee is is not expected to massively impact registration numbers. According to analysts, the 10% increase will result in an extra $11.1 million in revenue for the Registry.

The original fee for .NET was $3.50, which increased to $3.85 and has increased yearly in 10% increments since, and is expected to continue increasing until 2024.