March 29, 2018

Tencent to expand data centers in India, Hong Kong and U.S.A

The expansion seeks to increase Tencent’s global footprint in a bid to compete against Microsoft, IBM and Alibaba in the cloud market.

Telecom giant

Internet giant Tencent are all set to undergo data center expansion in India, Hong Kong and the U.S. With this expansion, Tencent say that they will be increasing their global footprint to compete against IBM, Alibaba, AWS, Google and Microsoft in the cloud services market.

According to Tencent, the IT industry is witnessing cloud wars where all the cloud giants are fiercely competing to grab a larger share of the market. They also added that these players are increasing their cloud zones across the globe in order to gain more businesses in the region.

Tencent say that they had launched their first data center in the Silicon Valley in U.S.A last year. They further added that more demand for cloud-based data center services made the planning of another center inevitable. Hence, to support the first data center, Tencent revealed that they will be building the facility in the same area and leverage the network hub in the North Virginia region.

Since South-East Asia is home to the internet company, Tencent say that they are keeping a keen eye on the trends and developments in the same region. They also say that after witnessing the adoption of cloud-based services, Tencent decided to scale their facilities in India and Hong Kong.

In closing, Tencent revealed that the Hong Kong data center will be dedicated to serving financial companies while the one at India will be dedicated to serving gaming, video and live streaming companies.