February 21, 2017

Microsoft to strengthen cloud computing in Korea

Azure cloud platform is now generally available from two new regions in South Korea

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Microsoft, the U.S. based software company has announced that it plans to strengthen cloud computing services in South Korea by capitalizing on its data center regions in the country.

Earlier, Microsoft opened two data center regions in Seoul and in Busan for its open cloud computing platform called Azure. Microsoft says that it offers Azure public cloud services and Office 365 hosted applications from 38 Azure regions across the world, with 13 of them located in Asia.

Alfred Koh, CEO of Microsoft Korea, said:

Microsoft will provide world-class safety and performance at new ‘Azure Regions’ located in Seoul and Busan.

Koh also said that local centers improve safety and can deal with various local regulations.

He added:

The company aims to double revenues from cloud computing services by sometime next year and increase partner companies by 30 percent to establish our No. 1 market status.