September 28, 2016

Microsoft reveals its Gen 5 data center design

The new design aims at achieving perfect infrastructure energy efficiency

Microsoft has announced its new data center plan by revising the design of its new data center campus in Quincy, Washington. They have replaced their outdoor server module with a more traditional facility and the new design is known as Generation 5.

Microsoft says that the Generation 5 design continues their ongoing refinement of data center designs, with regular updates to include up-to-date innovations. The new facility has a cement slab rather than a raised floor. A fan wall on one side of the facility manages airflow into the data hall, which functions as a room-level cold aisle.

The company claims that this design takes more cost out of the process of building data center capacity and can be deployed quickly.

Christian Belady, GM of Cloud Infrastructure Strategy and Architecture for Microsoft :

It’s the culmination of all the generations that have come before.

We’ve learned something each step of the way and we’ve adopted it and brought it into this design.

The Generation 5 design also features a change in Microsoft’s approach to cooling, adopting cooling towers and a water-side economization system that uses outside air to cool water.

Belady added :

We actually have a closed loop. We don’t have to use potable water, which was an issue, particularly in a drier climate.

It’s a step towards better sustainability. We’re always striving to do what’s best for the environment.

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