February 25, 2019

Microsoft joins forces with Inmarsat for satellite-based cloud-IoT services

The cloud giant aims to leverage the satellite provider’s services to provide transparency to IoT applications in the cloud.

Cloud giant Microsoft has partnered with sat-com facilitator Inmarsat to deliver satellite-based cloud-IoT services. As per the terms of the deal, Inmarsat will be empowering Microsoft’s Azure platform with intelligence to track IoT applications in the supply chain across all sectors.

Microsoft believe that IoT applications in the cloud provide huge benefits in terms of speed and efficiency. They say that these applications support IoT devices across a wide range and help enterprises make the most of IoT.

However, the cloud giant believes that complete transparency provided by IoT devices continues to be a pain point across certain industries. In order to bridge this gap, Microsoft say that they partnered with Inmarsat to encourage complete visibility into IoT devices and applications in the cloud.

By partnering with Inmarsat, Microsoft claim that they will benefit from the former’s connectivity that facilitates smooth data transmission. They say that this connectivity fosters IoT solutions with much-needed clarity and transparency that helps enterprises compete.

Industry patrons opine that this alliance is poised to bring in a different approach to cloud-IoT services and will help enterprises scale efficiently. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft makes the most of this partnership, following their alliance with GE to boost industrial IoT services.