July 17, 2018

GE partners with Microsoft to accelerate IoT adoption for industrial customers

The alliance seeks to help industrial companies gather intelligence over IoT by leveraging Microsft Azure’s cloud prowess.

Tech giants

General Electric (GE) have partnered with tech mogul Microsoft to fasten the rate of IoT adoption for industrial customers. As per the terms of the deal, GE aims to integrate their data analysis platform Predix with Microsoft’s cloud-based platforms Azure IoT (Internet of Things) and Azure Data Analytics to help industries gather intelligence for digital transformation.

According to research giant Gartner, industries have moved from talking about the benefits of IoT to actually implementing them for data analytics. They claim that, though the rate at which IoT adoption is increasing, the number of organizations that have ramped-up by leveraging IoT are very few.

In order to accelerate the use of IoT in industrial organizations, GE have partnered with Microsoft to accelerate the adoption of IoT. They believe that with this alliance, GE will allow industrial customers to store, analyze and act on data and collect insights to help customers transform their operations at an enterprise level.

Speaking about the alliance, Bill Ruh, Chief Digital Officer, GE and CEO, GE Digital, commented:

Our customers are asking for us to make a deeper connection between our two companies. Through this expanded partnership, Microsoft and GE are enabling customers around the world to harness the power of the Predix portfolio, including Predix Asset Performance Management, to unlock new capabilities to drive growth.

Microsoft agrees with the fact that IoT and data analytics can be merged to provide flexibility and scalability to industrial customers that are looking to transform themselves digitally. Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President, Microsoft, commented:

The industrial sector plays an important role in fueling economies around the world. With this strategic partnership, GE and our mutual customers will benefit from a trusted platform with the flexibility and scalability to deliver unprecedented results and help advance their business potential.