March 12, 2019

F5 snaps up NGINX for USD 670 million, moves into multi-cloud services

The acquisition aims to provide enterprises with cloud and security application services in a bid to transform them digitally.

IT facilitator F5 Networks have acquired application service provider NGINX for USD 670 million to accelerate the former’s time to market applications. With this acquisition, F5 seeks to move further into the cloud and security space by providing enterprises with multi-cloud solutions.

F5 say that enterprises are looking at multiple cloud strategies to store, build and orchestrate their applications. They believe that a single-cloud-fits-all sort of an approach does not fully utilize the potential of most applications which end up affecting workloads.

However, with NGINX, F5 believe that they can add agility and flexibility to their existing network offerings. They say that with NGINX’s software application delivery and API management solutions, F5 will be able to foray deeper into the multi-cloud services segment.

The acquisition of NGINX, claims F5, will bridge the gap that exists between NetOps and DevOps with streamlined application services across multi-cloud environments. They believe that this deal will help them leverage the tools that are necessary when it comes to building out and out multi-cloud strategies for enterprises of all kinds.

Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX states that he is very excited with the deal and is looking forward to working with the team at F5. He also says that this deal will allow NGINX to increase the breadth of their services and expand globally.

Industry experts believe that the NGINX deal will benefit enterprises that are looking to transform themselves digitally with respect to cloud services. As this deal gets done, one cannot help but reminisce the acquisition of mLab by MongoDB.