February 19, 2019

Micro Focus snaps Interset for global cybersecurity expansion

The acquisition seeks to strengthen Micro Focus’ security, risk and governance portfolio with Interset’s predictive analytics technology.

Micro Focus have announced the acquisition of analytics company Interset to provide intelligent and accurate cybersecurity protection to enterprises. With this acquisition, Micro Focus will fortify its cybersecurity offerings with predictive data analytics to assess risks and transform businesses digitally.

According to Micro Focus, enterprises need to understand the behaviour of users when it comes to understanding and mitigating cyber attacks. They say that this understanding gives them clarity while detecting threats and anomalous behaviour in networks.

By acquiring Interset, Micro Focus claim that they will add UEBA (User and Entity Behaviour Analytics) capabilities to their product offerings to predict the nature of attacks and eradicate them before they cause any harm. They further added that this analytics prowess will allow enterprises to dig deeper into user insights and understand their pattern of activties on the cloud platforms.

Micro Focus say that the key attributes of Interset’s technology include:

1. Scalable big data- To combine advanced analytics with open source big data technology,

2. Principled math- To yield highly accurate means of detecting, connecting and quantifying high-risk behaviours, and

3. Extensible analytics- To eliminate threats in the network.

Market experts claim that the acquisition will help Micro Focus’ customers expand globally with a wide range of product offerings that can provide end-to-end security solutions. It will be interesting to see how Micro Focus and Interset benefit from this deal, following Microsoft’s partnership with Rapid7.