August 28, 2018

Cloud security provider Lacework gets USD 24 million boost

The funding aims to bring automation, speed, and scale to cloud security platform and beef up Lacework’s global sales and marketing prowess.

Cloud Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based cloud security provider Lacework have received a funding of USD 24 million from Sutter Hill Ventures to automate, secure and speed up their cloud platform. With this investment, Lacework aims to bulk up their sales and marketing prowess in a bid to accelerate the adoption and deployment of its security solution.

According to Lacework, enterprises leveraging AI-based tools need to secure the applications that are hosted on the cloud. They believe that these applications need an end-to-end compliance for all kinds of cloud environments, especially public cloud.

By raising USD 24 million, Lacework claim that they can invest in their cloud security platform that will make way for public cloud compliance and also accelerate the deployment of cloud applications for enterprises of all sizes. They say that Lacework will be leveraging their polygraph technology to map out and monitor all the behaviours in the datacenter from APIs, to users, network and processes.

Speaking about the investment, Stefan Dyckerhoff, CEO at Lacework, commented:

Public clouds have become the de-facto platforms where businesses innovate at speed. Our vision at Lacework is to become the de-facto security platform that enables these organizations to build cloud services fast and remain safe.

With more than 20 customers in production, Lacework is a proven solution that delivers effective cloud protection at scale and with the speed required for high-velocity public clouds.

In addition to the polygraph technology, Lacework say that they also use machine learning to analyze the billions of events generated by modern clouds to detect risks across the cloud’s multiple attack surfaces.

Industry analysts believe that cloud security as a market has been booming in the recent times and is all set to reach USD 13 billion by 2022. To know more about cloud security, you can read this article here.