August 28, 2018

Cloud service provider CloudHealth acquired by AWS partner VMware

The double move aims to boost the management as well as the distribution of cloud applications for VMware’s global customers.

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VMware have struck a partnership deal with Amazon AWS and acquired cloud service provider CloudHealth to boost their presence in the global market. As per the terms of the deals, VMware will be launching Amazon Relational Database Service with AWS whereas, with CloudHealth, they will be adding a management platform to analyze overall environmental performance.

According to VMware, enterprises banking on cloud service providers need to monitor and optimize the performance of their IT environments. They say that enterprises deploying cloud services of market leaders like AWS need flexibility when it comes to data storage on their hosting environments.

By partnering with CloudHealth, VMware claim that they will be offering enterprises with a performance tracking tool that helps users analyze the costs, compliance and performance of their computing environments across their own and public cloud environments. Whereas with AWS, they believe that VMWare’s customers will be able to manage their databases on the hybrid cloud with ease.

Speaking about the acquisition, Pat Gelsinger, CEO at VMware, commented:

Anybody who is deploying apps operating in a cloud is utilizing multiple public clouds. CloudHealth is exactly aligned with that.

VMware believe that these moves will boost their presence in the global cloud market since it will take care of two prime aspects of a cloud environment- storage and performance. They claim that this move will also help VMware diversify their product offerings as a cloud service provider.

Explaining the move, Andy Jassy, CEO at AWS, commented:

We’re excited to bring this same operationally battle-tested service to VMware customers’ on-premises and hybrid environments, which will not only make database management much easier for enterprises but also make it simpler for these databases to transition to the cloud.

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