January 2, 2018

KnownHost launch Managed Cloud VPS for SME’s

The product aims to enable SMEs with high performance in a bid to compete against organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Web hosting service facilitator KnownHost has launched SSD based Managed Cloud VPS for small & medium enterprises. These Cloud VPS servers, built on Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM), were launched as a result of rising demand for high-performance machines at an affordable price.

According to KnownHost, SSD-based Managed Cloud VPS (supported by KVM) will provide organizations who have limited spending capacity with a solid performance tool which they would not have afforded otherwise. KnownHost claim to be responding to industry demands for this product and have pushed themselves to fulfil this need for SMEs. Explaining this point, Robb Sands, Marketing Manager at KnownHost said:

We’ve had so many requests from our customer base, for a cloud computing hosting plan, we couldn’t possibly ignore that kind of pressure from within.

KnownHost claim that the product, a combination of cloud flexibility and SSD performance, will enable organizations of any size to compete with the biggest brands in the space of e-commerce and web hosting. Further emphasizing this thought, Daniel Pearson, Chief Operating Officer at KnownHost commented:

At the very least, this levels the playing field for our clients to compete against big brands — and put them way ahead of their day-to-day rivals of a similar size and budget.

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