December 29, 2017

China Mobile partners with Huawei to deploy large stack resource pool

The alliance is aimed towards transforming China Mobile’s data centers by building a private cloud resource pool using Huawei’s CloudFabric solutions.

Chinese mobile company Huawei has agreed to partner with telecommunication network provider China Mobile in order to build a private cloud resource pool for the latter’s data centers in Harbin and Hohhot. As per the agreement, Huawei will build this cloud resource pool by using its CloudFabric solution.

According to China Mobile, their current five private cloud resource pools face limitations while meeting the needs for resources. They further added that their current IT systems were traditional and that there was a need to transform the same into a more progressive and centralized cloud platform.

China Mobile say that their cloud strategy is always aimed towards building futuristic private cloud resource pools which are built at a scale and efficiency that need to be deployed across multiple points-of-delivery. They also said that in order to meet this requirement, they need to strike a balance with the increasing number of data center equipment used.

China Mobile claims that since Huawei’s CloudFabric solution was a natural fit with their point-of-delivery strategy, there was no hesitation deciding who the preferred partner for building the private cloud resource pool should be.

According to industry watchers, this partnership will change the dynamics of the telecommunication industry in China. Let us hope that this alliance will bear fruit for both in the coming years.

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