September 12, 2018

IoT platform launched by Cubic Telecom to expand global footprint

The launch seeks to allow device makers to choose their preferred mobile network operators, IT systems and service providers for any region or country.

IoT platform

Ireland-based Cubic Telecom have launched an IoT platform (Internet of Things) called Global Connectivity Management Platform to connect any object anywhere, enabling connected application. With this launch, Cubic Telecom will allow device makers to choose their preferred mobile network operators, IT systems, service providers and vendors for any region or country, integrating end-to-end solution seamlessly.

According to Cubic Telecom, the number of cellular IoT connections are poised to reach more than 3.5 billion by 2023 with manufacturers and providers of connected devices and IoT applications expected to work anywhere across the world.

They say that keeping this trend in mind, it is essential that infrastructure be created in the form of cloud-based platforms to support connectivity, speed and networks for all apps.

By launching the Global Connectivity Management Platform, Cubic Telecom believe that they will be offering industry-first capabilities like standards-based remote SIMs provisioning use and cloud-native advanced connectivity management. They say that these offerings will provide zero-touch device registration and connectivity activation across different mobile networks and regions/countries.

Speaking about the IoT platform, Barry Napier, CEO at Cubic Telecom, commented:

By listening to the needs of the customers we communicate with daily, our expert in-house team of software, data and network engineers have built a world-class IoT platform, enabling us to deliver seamless connectivity anywhere.

This solution provides advanced connected services through one global partner and platform across all regions, with complete freedom of vendor choice. With this added flexibility device makers now have the power to control their service experience end-to-end. We are proud to be the first to market with this advanced intelligent solution.

This launch, experts say, will entice more investors in the IoT industry, given the number of breakthroughs that we have seen off late. Something worth mentioning is the partnership of C3 IoT with Google Cloud to accelerate the use of AI and IoT in the global market.