August 23, 2018

C3 IoT partners with Google Cloud to accelerate AI and IoT growth

The alliance seeks to strengthen Google Cloud Platform’s infrastructure by adding C3 IoT’s big data and analytics prowess.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics firm C3 IoT have partnered with Google Cloud to fast track AI and IoT growth for Google’s small-medium business clients. As per the terms of the deal, C3 IoT will allow Google Cloud’s clients to track data across IoT (Internet of Things) applications and devices through a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model.

Googe Cloud claim that early adopters of IoT and AI need their cloud-hosted devices to provide them with actionable insights that improve the long-range functionality of applications. They say that the intrinsic data-oriented layers bind the components of an IoT platform to provide microservices, which reduce integration complexities.

By partnering with Google Cloud, C3 IoT believe that they will fortify their own infrastructure as well as provide a PaaS based service to small-medium enterprises to transform their IoT and AI-based applications. They say that Google Cloud will also co-market, co-sell and co-train customers with C3 IoT to accelerate the distribution of this PaaS service.

Speaking about the alliance, Ed Abbo, President and Chief Technology Officer at C3 IoT, commented:

The Google Cloud and C3 IoT partnership creates a solution that dramatically speeds up our customers’ digital transformations to allow them to attain new levels of operational efficiency, productivity, and competitive advantage.

Together, we are delivering on a powerful vision for AI-driven digital transformation at the world’s leading organisations.