December 26, 2016

ICANN announces Meeting Sites for 2018

Puerto Rico and Barcelona have been identified as the potential sites for ICANN’s 61st meeting

Earlier this month, ICANN announced that the Board has approved San Juan, Puerto Rico as the location in North America to host ICANN’s 61st public meeting. The meeting will be held on 10th to 15th March, 2018.

ICANN also announced that Barcelona, Spain has been selected as the European city to host ICANN63. ICANN63 is ICANN’s Annual General Meeting which will be held from 20th to 26th October, 2018.

ICANN holds three public meetings each calendar year in different regions of the globe. ICANN says that its meetings provide a venue for progressing policy work, conducting outreach, exchanging best practices, conducting business deals, interacting among members of the ICANN community, including Board and staff and learning about ICANN.

These meetings are usually comprised of more than 400 different sessions and are the focal point for individuals and representatives of the different ICANN stakeholder groups to introduce and discuss issues related to ICANN policy. The participants may attend in person or remotely and meetings are open to everyone and the registration is free.

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