July 4, 2018

IBM clinches five cloud deals across Europe

The partnerships will help increase IBM’s cloud presence across European markets as it continues its efforts to cater to the needs of different industries.

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IT giant IBM have sealed strategic alliances with six European companies to increase their presence in the region. As per these alliances, IBM aims to meet the cloud-based needs of European organizations across various different industry verticals.

According to IBM, Europe has been witnessing a boom as far as server farms are concerned. They believe that this boom is a result of awareness of cloud-based services and the adaptability of the cloud as a technology to cater to various industries.

As a response to this trend, IBM said that addressing this need was imperative. They say that by increasing their presence in a thriving region like Europe, IBM will not only be able to position them as a cloud-provider meeting various needs but also increase their global footprint.

IBM say that they have made five partnerships in total across Europe. These deals are done with:

1) Gruppo 24 Ore– To use IBM Watson AI services hosted on the cloud to help tax professionals respond to questions about the Italian tax coding system.
2) French bank Crédit Mutuel- To deploy IBM Watson AI in order to help relationship managers advice more than 20,000 customers.
3) Digital health company Teckel Medical– To assist them with their digital health checker through IBM cloud.
4) Semiconductor company RS Components – To build their peer-to-peer marketplace in IBM’s London Cloud Garage in a bid to enable startups to promote, test and sell their inventions online.
5) Osram AG, a lighting solutions company– To save OPEX costs and gain more flexibility by switching to IBM’s cloud environment.

Speaking about the deals, Sebastian Krause, General Manager at IBM Cloud Europe, commented:

Enterprises across Europe are gravitating to the IBM Cloud because it helps them modernize their existing infrastructures by gaining access to exciting technologies like AI, blockchain, IoT, analytics and more. At the same time, these companies value IBM’s deep industry and business process expertise, along with IBM’s commitment to the responsible management of their enterprise data.