July 5, 2018

Econocom unveils ‘Econocloud’ in France to boost cloud security

The launch aims to address French firms’ concerns regarding security, confidentiality and compliance by safeguarding sensitive assets from infringements.

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IT facilitator Econocom have unveiled their cloud security offering Econocloud in the French market. With this launch, Econocom will be addressing security, compliance and confidentiality issues faced by organizations by protecting their intellectual as well as industrial assets.

Econocom say that French businesses are upping the ante when it comes to cloud security, by taking stringent measures to protect their mission-critical workloads. They believe that the rising number of malware, phishing and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have been key in shaking businesses from slumber.

By launching Econocloud in France, Econocom believe that they will be providing businesses with a solution that can work seamlessly across all cloud environments. They claim that this cloud security solution that offers various security options such as. micro-segmentation, firewall, logical partitioning, anti-DDoS, bunkered data centre, and strong authentication is in compliance with research firm Gartner’s recommendations in service modelling, service catalogue, policy management, etc.

Speaking about the launch, Sébastien Enderlé, Econocloud Director at Econocom, commented;

Our solution offers an alternative to public cloud giants, protecting the technical and financial assets of French companies concerned about security, confidentiality and compliance. French firms can now rest assured that the integrity of their strategic data will remain intact in any context.

In closing, Econocom said that the cloud security service will be available to other European markets (Italy, Belgium and Spain) through their satellites for which the infrastructure is already set up.