February 28, 2017

Nimble Storage introduces Multicloud Storage Service

The company aims to help enterprises easily migrate critical applications to the cloud

Nimble Storage, the cloud infrastructure services provider announced Nimble Cloud Volumes. The company describes the service as an enterprise-grade multi-cloud storage service for running applications in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Nimble Storage says that the service will provide enterprise-grade availability and data services that have previously not been readily available in block storage for the cloud.

Ajay Singh, Vice President, Product Management, Nimble Storage said:

With Nimble Cloud Volumes, enterprises can finally migrate critical applications to the cloud with complete confidence that they will have the same data durability and enterprise capabilities they have on-premise.

The company also said that organizations are developing a cloud strategy to support various applications, each with different performance, reliability, and scalability requirements.

Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp said:

Nimble Cloud Volumes provide enterprise storage features and ease of migration to minimize disruption.

Enterprises are able to move faster, achieve more and save money with the combination of Microsoft Azure and Nimble Cloud Volumes.

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