August 7, 2018

Gemalto unveils SafeNet Virtual KeySecure, dubbed ‘one key for all cloud’

The solution aims to enable enterprise customers with access to public as well as private cloud environments through a centralized encryption key.

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Cloud security provider Gemalto have launched a security encryption solution in the form of SafeNet Virtual KeySecure. With this product, Gemalto seeks to provide enterprise customers with access to the public as well as private cloud environments across various cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, VMware and OpenStack.

According to Gemalto, organizations deploying cloud environments are growing in number due to the awareness and benefits provided by leading cloud players like AWS, Google, Microsoft etc. They say that these organizations have myriad needs when it comes to their cloud environments and prefer a mix of various services provided by different players.

In order to provide organizations with centralized access to various cloud solutions, Gemalto say that building a secure product that simplifies entry across different cloud environments was necessary. By unveiling SafeNet Virtual KeySecure, Gemalto say that every enterprise can easily manage data protection policies as well as operations with ease.

Speaking about the benefit, Todd Moore, Senior Vice President of Encryption Products at Gemalto, commented:

Businesses need options when it comes to cloud security and shouldn’t be limited to working in just one environment. With SafeNet Virtual KeySecure, organizations are able to move more workloads to the cloud and easily monitor the access and movement of their encrypted data.

We are seeing a lot of customers who are interested in taking advantage of the business continuity offered by cloud environments, without compromising the security of their most critical asset, data.

In closing, the cloud security provider added that their current customers will also be able to benefit from this product once Gemalto reveals migration details for the same.