November 15, 2018

Fugue announces ‘Risk Manager’ to identify cloud compliance violations

The launch seeks to help enterprises simplify compliance issues in the cloud environment and prevent them from reoccurring.

cloud compliance

Cloud security firm Fugue have announced Fugue Risk Manager, a SaaS solution to help enterprises identify cloud compliance violations and data breach issues. With this launch, Fugue seeks to make compliance with cloud environments simpler in order to accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation for enterprises.

Fugue claim that enterprises deploying traditional environments are slowly migrating to cloud environments by understanding its long-term business benefits. However, they say that compliance and data breach issues hinder smooth transition of these enterprises to the cloud.

In addition to this, Fugue believe that enterprises that adopt new cloud services also face challenges with respect to infrastructure misconfiguration that leads to data breaches. They state that this data breach leaves sensitive business information prone to attacks, causing irreparable and long-term damage.

By launching Fugue Risk Manager, the cloud security company claim that they will inspect cloud infrastructure environments and identify resource configurations for cloud compliance regimes. They further added that this approach will allow Fugue’s clients to understand gaps with respect to compliance and data breach, allowing them to prevent violations from reoccurring.

Phillip Merrick, CEO at Fugue believes that enterprises that migrate to cloud environments are always up against compliance challenges and disentangling these issues can be painstaking. However, with Risk Manager, Merrick explained that the solution stays aligned with the customer’s cloud strategy no matter how complex it is, only to make things easy.

Explaining the benefits of the solution, Fugue claim that Risk Manager is simple to use and incorporates cloud provisioning devices that prompt consistency and security issues. They say that the cloud compliance solution enforces best practices set by infrastructure teams like addressing maintenance burdens, scalability concerns and unfavourable changes in the system that can lead to downtime.

Industry patrons claim that Risk Manager is a solution that has been introduced to the markets at the right time since a majority of enterprises are migrating to the cloud. It will be interesting to see how they make the most of this, following their alliance with In-Q-Tel to protect government agencies.