October 26, 2018

Cloud infrastructure security firm Fugue & In-Q-Tel to protect gov. agencies

The alliance seeks to protect cloud environments of government agencies by complying with IT policies of data center and cloud infrastructure providers.

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Cloud infrastructure security firm Fugue have entered into a partnership deal with not-for-profit strategic investor In-Q-Tel. With this deal, Fugue will help the IT environments of government agencies to comply with the policies of data centers in a bid to meet their cloud goals.

According to Fugue, cloud infrastructure requires automation when it comes to security and compliance. They claim that by meeting compliance goals, Fugue eliminates the chances of attracting vulnerabilities in the cloud without the need for human intervention.

By striking a deal with In-Q-Tel, Fugue believe that both of them will be able to cater to the cloud security and compliance issues of government organizations. They say that both companies will strive hard to eradicate misconfigurations and/or human errors that are responsible for breaches in the cloud environments.

Speaking about the deal, Phillip Merrick, CEO of Fugue, commented:

Fugue’s strategic partnership with IQT will help U.S. government agencies keep their cloud infrastructure environments secure and in compliance with policy.

IQT has played a critical and strategic role in advancing the most innovative technologies to ensure U.S. security. We’re proud of our partnership with IQT and the opportunity to help support this important mission.

Research giant Gartner estimates that by 2020, about 80% of cloud breaches will be due to human mistakes and it is about time that compliance and security, that are different sides of the same coin, be taken seriously from now on.

Mike Ferrari, Principal of Investments at IQT, commented:

Security technologies designed for datacenter infrastructure have not kept up with the dynamic and scalable nature of cloud. Fugue’s cloud-native solution is transforming how cloud infrastructure security and compliance can be achieved.

We believe it will help government agencies and commercial entities ensure safe and secure cloud computing.

In closing, the cloud infrastructure security firm said that many enterprises are looking to fortify the compliance end of their IT, following Nitro’s partnership with Security Compliance Associates.