September 21, 2018

Fortinet unveils IoT security solution FortiNAC for connected devices

The launch seeks to provide control and visibility for IoT devices and offer automated threat response and detection capabilities for applications.

IoT Security

Network security provider Fortinet have unveiled an IoT security solution (Internet of Things) called FortiNAC (Network Access Control) in a bid to protect connected devices. With this launch, Fortinet will be providing control and visibility over IoT devices and offer automated threat response and detection capabilities for applications.

According to Fortinet, enterprises require visibility over connected devices in IoT environments. They say that this visibility allows them to dig deep into the detailed profiles of these devices and restrict or control their access to particular items and applications.

By launching FortiNAC, the network security provider claims that they will provide enterprises with control over IoT devices along with automated threat response prowess. This capability, they believe, will allow enterprises to profile, recognize and segment connected devices to provide them access to certain networks only.

Speaking about the launch, a spokesperson for the company commented:

Digital transformation brings a proliferation of unsecure IoT devices accessing the network, and with it, the increased risk of a security breach.

FortiNAC allows organizations to identify every single device on the network and enables segmentation, giving each device access only to approved items.

Research giant Gartner claims that IoT endpoints are expected to grow at 32% through 2021 only to reach a base of 25.1 billion units in a matter of three years.

Fortinet say that this launch will strengthen their cybersecurity portfolio and provide a consolidated suite of IoT security solutions. The spokesperson added:

FortiNAC strengthens the Fortinet Security Fabric for IoT deployments, delivering broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions across the entire attack surface. In the world of IoT, FortiNAC answers the question ‘what’s on your network’ and then enables you to protect it.

It looks like Fortinet are making some commendable moves with this launch as well as the one with IBM to secure the tech giant’s data.