September 28, 2018

Equinix to undergo server farm expansion at their Singapore center

With this expansion, Equinix aims to grow in the APAC market, where the demand for server farm services from cloud and financial sectors is on the rise.

server farm

Co-location and data center company Equinix have announced the second phase expansion of its third International Business Exchange (IBX) server farm in Singapore, known as SG3. With this expansion, Equinix will be boosting their growth in the APAC (Asia Pacific) market, where the demand for data center services from cloud and financial sectors is on the rise.

According to Equinix, Singapore is a key regional hub and a desired location for cloud service providers and major multinational enterprises because of its global connectivity and geographic advantage. They say that this region has been witnessing rising demand for interconnected data center facilities and managed services from the enterprise market including financial services & network operators.

By expanding their facility in this city, Equinix believe that they will cater to the increased demand for premium interconnection and server farm services in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. They say that as a part of this expansion, they will be investing USD 54 million to double the capacity of their cabinets from 1000 to 2000.

Clement Goh, Managing Director, Equinix, South Asia, commented:

Singapore is en-route to becoming a Smart Nation, integrating all aspects of technology into a coherent and cohesive whole to improve the way people live, work and play. We hope to support Singapore’s vision by providing our customers with direct access to established business ecosystems.

By expanding their SG3 facility, Equinix believe that their customers like Fujitsu will have direct access to their network-dense ecosystem of more than 1,000 networks globally, over 190 of which are directly accessible in Singapore.

Goh further explained:

Increasingly companies see great potential in multi-cloud access and the importance of a strong, reliable, yet flexible solution. SG3 phase two was launched to help companies like Fujitsu ensure that they are in a solid position to support their customers’ needs.

In closing, the data center company said that they are looking forward to seeing the response from their customers in the APAC market after this expansion and the one they did in Japan and Australia back in May.