February 7, 2019

Easyrewardz, Microsoft partner for AI-enabled customer engagement solutions for retail brands

The alliance aims to leverage Microsoft’s AI-framework in a bid to enhance Easyewardz’s online and in-shop loyalty program.

Cloud-based CRM platform provider Easyrewardz have partnered with tech giant Microsoft to leverage the latter’s AI prowess for customer engagement. As per the terms of the deal, Easyrewardz seeks to boost customer life-cycle management for its retail brands by strengthening their in-shop and online loyalty programs.

According to Easyrewardz, understanding customer behaviour is vital for retail brands since it allows them to categorize customers when it comes to their shopping habits. These habits, they say, are monitored through customers’ in-shop and online transactions.

Further, Easyrewardz claim that for a retail brand to stand out amidst their competitors, understanding of customer lifecycle is extremely critical. They claim that to manage this lifecycle, rewards and loyalty program play a huge role.

By partnering with Microsoft, Easyrewardz claim that they will be able to integrate the former’s AI-framework into their cloud-CRM platform to provide a thorough analysis of customer behaviour. They say that this alliance will enable retail enterprises to build a relevant and long-term relationship with customers by leveraging their platform’s analytics prowess.

Industry watchers opine that the alliance will enable Easyrewardz to build intelligent customer-specific campaigns. It will be interesting to see how the cloud-CRM space evolves with this deal, following Avidian’s partnership with Hostway.