November 27, 2017

CRM provider Avidian partners with Hostway for Hybrid Cloud Platform

Alliance to leverage Hostway’s geographical presence to host Avidian’s SaaS services.

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CRM software provider Avidian Technologies has partnered with Hostway Services to host their critical SaaS application on hybrid cloud. Avidian say that this alliance will help them leverage Hostway’s ‘geographical diversity’.

The partnership looks to consolidate the breadth of CRM resources of over 15,000 companies globally that offer detailed information ranging from e-mail addresses to favourite restaurants to future buying potential.

Talking about Hostway, Doru Rotovei, Vice President of Software Development at Avidian said:

We never have to worry about an issue or a disaster due to the robust fail-over solution and database backups they offer. Additionally, working with Hostway lowers the total cost of ownership of our infrastructure and increases operational efficiency. The fast response times, high technical expertise, and exemplary problem-solving attitude of the Hostway staff are unparalleled in the industry.

This promising alliance sparks curiosity as to how Avidian plan to maintain transparency and accountability for its wide range of global customers.