September 5, 2018

Domain name service Africa Registry launches gateway solution

The launch aims to encourage domain name vendors, registrars and resellers in Africa to sell domains using over 1,000 TLDs.

Domain name service

Domain name service provider, Africa Registry, a part of the CentralNic Group, have launched a gateway solution from its RRPproxy service, to empower domain name vendors, registrars and resellers in Africa. With this launch, Africa Registry seeks to offer a large set of domain name choices to customers along with hosting and SSL products.

According to Africa Registry, the economy of Africa as a whole is looking up and businesses want to make the most out of this phase. They claim that consolidating their online presence across Africa is one of the many things that are on the top of the minds of many businesses in the region.

By launching a gateway solution, Africa Registry believe that they will allow businesses to get a step closer in realizing their vision of having a secure global presence. They say that by offering a large set of domain names along with hosting and SSL products, these businesses will be able to foray across Asian, European and American markets.

Africa Registry claim that this gateway solution will make way for resellers and vendors to benefit from an immediate $50 credit if they wish to upgrade their business in Africa. Speaking about the launch, a spokesperson for Africa Registry commented:

African companies selling domain names today or planning to in the future deserve the same range of products and services to sell enjoyed by their peers in Europe, the US and Asia. Africa Registry now provides this service through RRPproxy, the world’s best technical solution for domains.

This move is bound to stir the domain and hosting market in Africa, especially after South African ccTLD .ZA opened second level domain registrations recently. It will be interesting to witness the changing dynamics of the African market with businesses looking to gain market share and visibility across the globe.