January 24, 2018

Dell, Netronome collaborate for turnkey NFV server solution

The alliance seeks to boost enterprise, cloud and data center providers with an NFV platform that accelerates application speed and reduces cost.

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Cloud computing company Netronome has partnered with tech giants Dell EMC in a bid to provide faster and cost-effective NFV (Network Function Virtualization) solution for cloud-native businesses. As per the terms of the alliance, the NFV platform, which is said to accelerate NFV infrastructure by 600% and raise efficiency by 20 times, will be provided to data centers, cloud service providers and enterprises leveraging NFV technology.

According to Netronome, the NFV platform is integrated with Agilo SmartNICs (Network Interface Controllers) that speed up NFV applications by taking the load away from networking and security processing servers. They further added that deploying this platform with Dell’s servers will reduce CAPEX costs for cloud providers considerably and possibly improve margins for them in exchange.

Explaining the collaboration in detail, Sujal Das, chief strategy and marketing officer at Netronome, commented:

Dell EMC servers and Netronome SmartNIC technology make this solution a win-win for service providers and enterprises deploying NFV applications. We are excited about this collaboration and the prospects for expanding Netronome’s leadership in the SmartNIC market.

Das’ thoughts on the collaboration were echoed by Kevin Shatzkamer, Vice President, Dell EMC Service Provider Solutions. He added that Netronome’s use of SmartNICs will give their customers a huge advantage. Explaining this, he said:

Netronome is a pioneer in network processing and the use of SmartNICs to offload servers for higher efficiency. With disaggregation in the traditional network software stack moving to servers running network functions, we believe Dell EMC and Netronome can play a major role.

Industry analysts say that the NFV market is ripe with demand growing higher year on year. NFV server revenue is set to grow from USD 312 million in 2016 to USD 1.4 billion in 2021.