January 24, 2018

Donuts sells Home.Loans for USD 500,000

The domain becomes the highest of its nTLD in sales value, with the buyer seeking to connect instantly with real estate customers.

Donuts has announced that they have sold their nTLD domain Home.Loans for USD 500,000, the highest sales figure clocked for any new gTLD. They further added that the new gTLD’s buyer HOME.LOANS LLC, has purchased this gTLD in a bid to leverage its brand name for customers looking for home loans.

According to Blake Janover, founder and Chief Executive Officer of HOME.LOANS LLC, the domain name is apt for their business and drives the point home for real estate customers without beating around the bush with .NET or .COM domains. Explaining this in detail, he said:

It’s a terrific name, because it says exactly what we do: home loans. Let’s face it: a two word domain is awesome; now, because of what registries such as Donuts are out there doing the second word in a two-word domain can be part of the company name, brand, mission, and keywords.

We aren’t wasting any digital real estate on.com, .net, or something else that no longer really means anything. Our goal is to connect directly with home buyers and homeowners alike and to simplify the home loan shopping process, so our website name has to be synonymous with our mission.

Excited about the turn of sales, Matt Overman, Senior Vice President of sales, Donuts commented:

We’re excited to be affiliated with yet another innovative business that’s leveraging the power of a Donuts premium name. We look forward to supporting the rapid growth and success of home.loans in its marketplace.

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