January 24, 2018

CrowdStrike announces Japan and APAC expansion

The development aims to fulfill increasing demand for its cloud-based end-point security solutions in the region.

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Cyber security company CrowdStrike have announced that they have penetrated the APAC region by opening five new offices in Japan in a bid to meet the rising demand for its cloud-based cyber security solution. They further added that this expansion intends to provide cyber security solutions to those enterprises who are looking to replace their anti-virus solutions or augment the same with advanced endpoint detection capabilities.

According to CrowdStrike, their cyber security solution Falcon provides users with instant visibility to threat activities, reducing delivery request time. They further added that with the technological awareness and developments happening in Japan, enterprises are becoming increasingly wary of the advantages Falcon delivers.

CrowdStrike say that this awareness in Japan has led to a huge demand in the region where legacy-based AV (antivirus) solutions are falling off the radar. They further added that having done business in Japan for the last ten years, market penetration and product awareness will not be an issue since they have an established presence in the APAC regions of Australia, India, New Zealand and Singapore as well. Explaining this in detail, Tetsuya Kawai, managing director, CrowdStrike Japan, commented:

Having been in the security marketplace for over a decade, I can state with certainty that CrowdStrike has taken the industry by storm with its holistic and innovative approach to endpoint security technology, services, and intelligence. This compelling approach to meeting the needs of modern-day organizations has resulted in CrowdStrike’s rapid momentum in Japan.

In closing, CrowdStrike also added that they will be announcing new senior leadership coming onboard in the midst of further expansion.