November 30, 2016

Datapipe announces beta for Trebuchet

The company announced the release of the management platform at AWS re:Invent

Today, managed cloud services provider Datapipe announced the beta program for Trebuchet. Trebuchet is a new end-to-end platform that combines a set of processes to accelerate cloud deployment of enterprise applications.

Datapipe says that Trebuchet will provide developers with the tools required to deploy, monitor and secure applications in one dashboard. They claim that the platform features faster response time to match internal and external demands.

Robb Allen, CEO at Datapipe said :

Microservices are becoming a go-to solution for our clients looking for rapid deployment, but this adds complexity to their infrastructure.

While we will continue to offer a consultative approach to develop client-specific solutions, we are building Trebuchet to be a customizable plug-and-play application platform.

This platform will give IT managers and developers a foundation to better control technical environments and improve flexibility, scalability, and speed of deployment.

The Trebuchet beta program will launch in the first half of 2017 and will allow Datapipe to test and refine the platform’s tools, resources, and user experience.

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