January 21, 2019

Data center firm Chayora announces strategic alliance with Sinnet Technology

The alliance seeks to provide end-to-end cloud services to the internet service provider by expanding in northern Tianjin region.

Chinese data center company Chayora have forged a strategic partnership with internet provider Beijing Sinnet Technology to provide end-to-end cloud services. With this alliance, Chayora plans to utilize their Beichen hub to expand across north Tianjin region in China, supporting enterprises in the wider Beijing region.

Chayora say that enterprises adapting cloud technology in China are growing steadily year-on-year. They claim that with the race for cloud intensifying in the region, internet companies are readying themselves for breakthroughs that will arrive in the years to come.

By partnering with Sinnet Technology, Chayora claim that they will be able to fortify their network across China, and the Tianjin area in specific, which has a large number of enterprises. They say that these enterprises will be able to leverage cloud technology and co-location services powered by high power capacity and state-of-the-art facility.

Oliver Jones, CEO at Chayora Holdings believes that this partnership will allow them to fulfil the needs of enterprises belonging to the international and premium segments in China. He claims that by extending their scope of service across both retail (co-location) and cloud, they will be able to compete with the big players in the market.

Industry experts believe that this partnership will lay the foundation of growth for both Chayora and Sinnet in China and help them expand across APAC borders. We hope that this alliance helps Chayora take their data center vision ahead, after they established their hub in Tianjin last year.