August 14, 2018

CoreMedia partners with Cloudinary for media optimization and management

The alliance aims to leverage Cloudinary’s DAM solution (Data Asset Management) to provide CoreMedia’s customers with a better content experience.

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Content platform provider CoreMedia have partnered with end-to-end media management facilitator Cloudinary to integrate the latter’s Data Asset Management (DAM) solution into their platform. As per the terms of the deal, CoreMedia will leverage Cloudinary’s DAM solution to provide customers with myriad ways to organize, manage and optimize their media assets, including images and videos for an enriched customer experience.

CoreMedia claim that online retailers need to deliver personalized as well as content-rich experiences and the challenge lies in delivering personalized and media-rich content efficiently. They say that it is essential to provide a high standard of quality when it comes to images and videos online since lagging page load times can lose customers at critical engagement points.

In order to avert this issue, CoreMedia say that they have partnered with Cloudinary in order to deliver fully optimized images and videos. They say that be leveraging their DAM capabilities, Cloudinary can boost CoreMedia’s modern shopping experiences that are expected by customers.

Speaking about the alliance, Karsten Reuter, Senior Vice President, Product Management at CoreMedia, commented:

We’re pleased to be working with Cloudinary as a technology partner for digital asset management.

Their deep experience with global eCommerce brands will serve our customers well, and we’re thrilled to provide an integration to their solution for enhanced media management, including the most dynamic video optimization capabilities we’ve seen.