February 22, 2018

Colt fortifies businesses in Japan with high speed connectivity

The move seeks to enable cloud-native businesses with high-speed networks and tap newer opportunities.

Google data center

Data center company Colt have strengthened their cloud-native clients with 100 Gbps connectivity, fortifying its data centers in the process. With this move, Colt aim to provide high-speed network solutions to financial and technological solutions leveraging the power of the cloud.

According to Colt, the strategic intent behind increasing connectivity speed is to meet the demands of large and small enterprises looking for high-bandwidth services. They further added that this high-speed connectivity will also help cloud service providers looking to leverage SDN (Software-Defined Networking) for clients.

Colt say that with this amplified connectivity, their data center in the Inzai Data Center district will benefit a great deal because of Tokyo’s proximity to the hub. In addition to this, they said that the businesses in the region will be at an advantage and can easily scale their cloud deployments.

Explaining the move, Kenji Hioki, President and Regional Executive for Colt Asia, commented:

Colt is interconnected with 70 data centres in Tokyo alone, helping enterprises with their connectivity solutions needs in the city and across the Asia Pacific region.

The extended connectivity centred around the Inzai Data Centre district takes us deeper into serving businesses needs in the region and further highlights Colt’s commitment to being better connected. Businesses can now have greater access to on-demand capabilities, optimal efficiency and scalability in the cloud.

As per industry analysts, Colt has grabbed the bull by the horns with regards to providing agility to businesses working in cloud environments. In closing, Colt say that this connectivity will be scaled for top commercial centers in Japan very soon.