February 19, 2018

Cologix launches Columbus data center

The launch aims to provide robust data center services to the growing cloud connectivity market in the region.

Telecom giant

Data center facilitator Cologix have launched their third data center in Colombus, Ohio (U.S.) in response to the growing cloud market in the region. With this launch, Cologix will be tripling their data center prowess in Colombus and provide data center services to enterprises, in a bid to strengthen cloud connectivity.

Cologix say that enterprises are looking to leverage cloud technology as they grow more aware of their IT needs. As previously reported in 2016, the data center costs about USD 130M, will be equipped with state-of-the-art data center facilities and shall be christened as the main hub for its Columbus operations.

Explaining the same, Grant van Rooyen, CEO at Cologix, commented:

Columbus has been one of the fastest growing markets with the Cologix platform due to enterprise demand for robust cloud and connectivity choice.

Our Columbus data centers are able to support and facilitate large cloud and enterprise deployments and we are proud of the role we play within the technology ecosystem in Columbus and look forward to continued investment in the market.

Cologix claim that its Columbus facilities will provide scalable services through its network of 24 prime interconnected locations spanning 9 North American edge markets. They also added that this data center is built at a campus that is not prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes.