September 14, 2016

Cologix expands its data center in Columbus

The company has announced the construction of a 160K sq.ft data center in its North Columbus campus

Telecom giant

Cologix, a data center company announced that it is building a 160,000 sq.ft. data center at its North Columbus campus. The expansion will cost about $130 million and is said to become Columbus’s largest neutral data center which will be linked to their existing data centers.

Cologix Columbus claims to offer secure storage and computing power. The facility is home to Ohio Internet Exchange which is the equipment through which major telecommunications carriers, ISPs and high-traffic websites switch signals to get data flowing quickly to end users.

The company claims that the expansion is expected to offer more capacity to existing clients and attract new ones, including those looking to connect to additional Cologix data centers in its other markets.

Graham Williams, COO, Cologix said :

We continue to hear enterprises in and around the Central Ohio area who need a certain amount of scale and just have not been able to find that scale in the market.

Cologix says it has received all necessary permits and completed all necessary site preparation work and the first phase, which is expected to be operational in mid-2017.

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