February 19, 2018

Megaport, Cinia join hands to provide cloud connectivity

The alliance seeks to simplify cloud, managed and network connectivity for Nordic countries by providing economic and scalable solutions

Tech giants

Network service provider Megaport and Finnish ICT company Cinia, have entered into an alliance to remove entry barriers to cloud and network services. With this partnership, Megaport will ease network access for Nordic countries requiring cloud and managed services by leveraging Cinia’s “intelligent and robust network”.

Megaport say that Cinia’s national and international network will provide them with the leeway to allow Scandinavian enterprises to access cloud services. They further added that Megaport’s SDN (Software Defined Network) coupled with Cinia’s customer-specific direct connect solution, will allow customers to bypass the internet and access the cloud service providers and their data centers in Europe directly.

Emphasizing this, Vincent English, Chief Executive Officer at Megaport, commented:

The core tenet of Megaport is making connectivity easy. We overcome barriers to entry for cloud adoption by making it easy to get connected directly to Cloud, Managed, and Network Service Providers. This enables scalability, consistent performance, and bandwidth optimisation that helps reduce total cost of ownership.

According to Cinia, access and control were the two major needs they were looking to fulfill for customers looking to avail cloud services. They further added that by partnering with Megaport, they will meet this requirement with ease.

Explaining this in detail, Taneli Vuorinen, Senior Vice President at Cinia, commented:

We partnered with Megaport because connectivity is a key factor when accessing public cloud services and their solution, combined with our footprint in the Nordics, addresses a clear demand.

The majority of data centers that house public CSPs for European customers are located in Central and Western Europe. This does not account for enterprises that can be over a thousand kilometers away and creates challenges in terms of latency.