February 26, 2019

Cloud tech firm Nasuni raises USD 25 million in funding from Telstra Ventures

The investment aims to boost Nasuni’s go-to-market strategy in a bid to expand its offerings globally.

Cloud tech firm Nasuni have raised USD 25 million in funding from Telstra Ventures, the investing arm of Australian telco Telstra. With this investment, Nasuni will be focusing their efforts on its go-to-market strategy to help expand their products worldwide.

Nasuni say that their first round of investment was led by Goldman Sachs wherein they raised USD 38 million. They say that this round of investment was also supported by other key stakeholders like Sigma Prime Ventures, North Bridge Venture Partners, and Flybridge Capital Partners.

According to Nasuni, the cloud tech and storage market is poised to grow by 2020 and gaining market share has been one of its primary objectives. They say that by the end of the year they had three options –1) to not raise more capital and profit with the existing money, 2) raise capital a year from now or 3) raise capital to fuel an aggressive marketing strategy.

Nasuni say that after contemplating all the options they went with the last one so that they can compete with global players and expand their presence worldwide. They claim that with this decision, they will also be expanding their existing cloud tech product portfolio.

The cloud tech firm said that their valuation in the market after this cash infusion rose from USD 120 million to USD 145 million.

Industry analysts claim that this cash infusion will probably benefit Nasuni’s customers the most and help them avail a wide range of products. It will be interesting to see how Nasuni takes this ahead, following vArmour’s USD 44 million Series E round of funding.