February 27, 2019

Cathect Technologies unveil ‘Logotron’, a B2B logo builder

The product seeks to target web hosts, site builders, domain registrars and web professionals with its key focus on the wholesale market.

Bootstrapped B2B startup Cathect Technologies have launched Logotron, a logo builder for web hosts, site builders, domain registrars and web professionals. With this launch, Cathect aim to provide hosting providers in the wholesale market with a unique offering to resell to SMBs.

According to Cathect, hosting providers understand that most SMB customers today utilize several different web products like logo builders, CRMs, email marketing tools etc. They claim that these products are in much demand given the increasing need for SMBs to boost customer acquisition online.

However, Cathect say that hosting providers are not able to take advantage of the opportunity of reselling these products since they lack the right integration options to do so.

By launching Logotron, a free logo builder module on the WHMCS marketplace, Cathect believe that they will close this gap for their B2B partners. They say that this white-labelled logo builder, having API and WHMCS integrations, can be resold by web pros and domain registrars at a high margin.

Sridhar Luthria, founder at Cathect Technologies, says-

My team and I cumulatively have over 60 years of experience in the web presence space so we instantly knew that a product like this would add a lot of value for our partners.

The search volume of logo based keywords are 4x that of domains and hosting keywords combined and at 1/10th the costs. We see logos as not just an additional revenue source but also a new acquisition channel for our partners.

It is evident that Cathect believe in the product’s potential to reach a wide range of customers. It will be interesting to see how they take this launch ahead and whether they really provide value to their SMB partners.