July 27, 2018

Cloud software provider Nutanix forays into Vietnamese market

The move aims to meet the rising demand for multi-cloud and software-based products in the region to expand Nutanix’s global footprint.

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Nutanix has entered into the Vietnamese market in a bid to cater to growing needs of multi-cloud and software-based products. With this move, Nutanix seeks to expand their global footprint and enable enterprises in Vietnam to simplify their cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

According to Nutanix, APAC (Asia Pacific) as a region has been growing steadily when it comes to cloud deployments, infrastructure and software for enterprises. They believe that this rise is a result of early adoption of cloud as well as innovation by tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent that have thrived in the region.

Nutanix claim that Vietnam has also benefited from this growth since the country has a large number of small-medium as well as large enterprises that are aware of the benefits provided by hybrid as well as cloud infrastructure. They believe that enterprises in this region not only demand advanced cloud infrastructure but also need integrated data protection, non-disruptive upgrades and self-healing systems to ensure predictable performance.

The cloud software provider explained that enterprises in Vietnam rely on advanced data centers that are backed by disaster recovery services as well as high-speed storage networks. By catering to a wide range of enterprises with myriad needs, Nutanix believe that they will be facilitating enterprises with hybrid infrastructure and expand themselves in the region.

Industry experts claim that this move by Nutanix is in the right direction given the rise of hyper-converged integrated systems market, reaching almost US$5 billion. In closing, Nutanix said that they will be launching partnership programs in the region very soon.