April 3, 2018

Cloud Carib expands its data centers in Ecuador

The expansion aims to boost the local economy by providing data center services to government and business organizations.

Telecom giant

Managed cloud service provider Cloud Carib have expanded their data center prowess to Ecuador in South America. With this expansion, Cloud Carib seeks to accelerate the local economy by providing data center services to business and government organizations.

According to Cloud Carib, South America holds huge potential for adopting cloud services and digital transformation. They also believe that this transformation holds key to catapulting their local economy. Hence, in a bid to begin this transformation, Cloud Carib say that they have expanded into Ecuador for managed data center services.

Speaking about the data center expansion, Scott MacKenzie, CEO of Cloud Carib, commented:

The Caribbean and Latin America are just beginning to pursue digital transformation to boost local economies and deliver better, more efficient services to citizens. We are committed to being the region’s premier provider of cloud and managed ICT services, and we’ll continue to invest in our infrastructure over the coming months.

Cloud Carob say that the new data center facility will meet Tier-4 standards and will be named as CaribPod. In order to make sure that they meet these standards, Cloud Carib say that they will be equipping the data center with state-of-the-art facilities.

In closing, the managed cloud service provider said that they are also operating data centers in the Bahamas (Nassau and Freeport), Barbados and Panama and that the center in Nassau will lend network support to the new facility in Ecuador.