April 3, 2018

JetStream launches cross-cloud platform for business continuity

The launch aims to support enterprises with workload migration, resource elasticity and business continuity across multi-cloud environments.

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Software company JetStream have launched the ‘JetStream Cross-Cloud Platform’ to provide organizations with workload migration and business continuity solutions across multi-cloud and multi-data center infrastructure. With this launch, JetStream aims to offer reliable data replication for disaster recovery services along with resource elasticity to their customers.

According to JetStream, organizations adopting cloud are looking for robust business continuity solutions which can maintain the performance of their applications. They also say believe that the opportunity in the market for solutions that will work across all cloud environments is huge.

By providing a ‘Cross-Cloud Platform’, JetStream say that they are providing a holistic solution by working in tandem with some cloud service providers.

Speaking about the launch, Tom Critser, CEO at JetStream, commented:

JetStream has been working closely with cloud and managed service providers to help them deliver new and better services, including seamless cloud migration, DRaaS and business continuity.

At the same time, our partners have continued to provide the enterprise-grade availability, agility and resilience enterprise customers expect while dramatically reducing their operating costs.

JetStream say that most cross-cloud platforms today need significant professional service along with improvements in cloud-native tools to increase efficiency and productivity. With their newly launched platform, JetStream believe that they have filled this void for enterprises.

Emphasizing this in detail, Serge Shats, CTO at JetStream, commented:

Cross-cloud IT operations require new thinking and new technologies for data management. Rather than adapting legacy technologies originally designed for on-premises data management, the JetStream Software platform leverages standard virtualization APIs to provide a unique architecture that delivers the capabilities of the software-defined data center to the cross-cloud world.