February 27, 2019

Cisco, Telenor Group extend cloud security alliance to bring Open vRAN for 5G

The partnership aims to secure cloud applications for its telecom customers by leveraging their vRAN and cybersecurity capabilities.

Tech giant Cisco have extended their cloud partnership with Telenor Group to bring Open vRAN prowess for 5G. With this enhanced alliance, both entities will be directing their energies towards securing enterprise cloud applications by leveraging Open vRAN (Virtualized Radio Access Networks).

Cisco believe that there are many ways of securing cloud applications for telecom enterprises, given the number of solutions in the market. They also claim that they have taken many steps in the past which includes partnering with other entities as well.

However, with Telenor, Cisco say that their approach towards securing cloud apps changes slightly because they can leverage the latter’s vRAN capabilities. They say that with vRAN integration, they can slice networks into minute components to monitor discrepancies, if any.

By expanding their existing alliance with Telenor, Cisco claim that they will build a solid and secure experience for those customers who will deploy their cloud apps on 5G. They say that with this expansion, both entities can simplify the scaling of software and hardware instances in no time.

Pointing out the vRAN benefit, Telenor claim that enterprises can focus on particular network featres such as speed, reliability, efficiency and connectivity in silos. They further added that this deal will help enterprises understand the vRAN advantage and integrate the same for other telecom networks as well.

Market experts claim that the alliance will put Telenor’s vRAN prowess on the map and entice more customers towards them and Cisco. It will be interesting to see how this alliance takes turn, following Telenor’s partnership with Nokia for cloud solutions.