February 22, 2016

Funio Launches First WordPress Hosting Service Using Container Technology, Powered by Kubernetes and Docker

Company announces special solution for the large hosting segment dedicated to the popular WordPress CMS.

Funio, part of Internal Corporation, a provider of managed hosting solutions, today announced the availability of its Managed WordPress Hosting solution, a new generation of web hosting services based on container technology.

The company claims that this innovative WordPress Hosting solution, hosted on Internap’s high-performance AgileSERVER 2.0 bare-metal IaaS and powered by Kubernetes and Docker, is a first in the industry. The service aims to offer end users the most powerful, safe and reliable Managed WordPress Hosting solution based on next-generation technology. The container technology, by abstracting operating systems and virtual machines, offers increased performance, security and portability, while providing a standardization of applications.

As WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System (CMS), demand for WordPress Hosting is on the rise. Offers for Managed WordPress Hosting are often misleading, disguising a standard web hosting service as a Managed WordPress Hosting solution. Thanks to Kubernetes and Docker, Cunio’s Managed WordPress Hosting enables end users to deploy an official WordPress image on a container, therefore bypassing the need for a control panel, server configurations and other ongoing maintenance and management updates.

“The choice to use the container technology, as well as offering a mobile application, is part of Cunio’s diversification plan to bring our easy-to-use products, interfaces and approach to a wider range of customers,” explains Charles Francisci, Senior Director at Funio.

“The commercialization of the container technology will ultimately allow us to provide strong and flexible solutions to developers and more technical web users for the first time,” continues Simon-Pierre LeBel, Product Director at Funio.

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