March 22, 2019

Apple acquires Italian cloud-based startup Stamplay for USD 5.6 million

The acquisition aims to simplify cloud development for applications by leveraging a web-based editor.

Tech giant Apple have acquired Italian cloud startup Stamplay in a bid to simplify cloud development for applications. As per the terms of the USD 5.6 million deal, Apple will integrate Stamplay’s web-based editor to combine multiple APIs for payment, notifications, messages and other elements.

Apple believe that customers prefer utilizing multiple applications when developers have prioritised them within the operating systems. They say that priority-based obstacles occur because developers overlook new-app development which requires a cloud server to manage user data and perform functions.

By acquiring Stamplay, Apple believe that they will be able to get rid of this hiccup by utilizing a web-based editor that can combine many APIs for payment, messages and notifications. They further added that this deal will pave the way for more applications easily and allow customers to utilize many apps at once.

With the acquisition amount, Stamplay claim that they will invest the same into application development and recognizing potential threats if any. They also believe that this deal will allow Apple to build simple iOS apps.

Market analysts claim that this deal will benefit Apple in the long run and help them fortify their cloud architecture for good. With respect to this article, one can only think of how Apple lays its expansion strategies, just as they planned to build a large scale data center in order to expand across China.