February 13, 2018

.BN ccTLD redelegated to AITI

The redelegation seeks to hand over domain name registry services to its parent body, which will take care of the services for now.

.BN, the ccTLD of Brunei, which used to be administrated by BNNIC (Brunei Darussalam Network Information Centre), has been redelegated to AITI (Authority for Info-Communications Technology Industry). Since the move is occurring from a subunit to a parent body, there is little chance for disruption at the consumer’s end.

According to AITI, since they have taken over the registry services for the .BN, domain name registrations will be carried out by them till they announce its delegation to another SBU. They further added that with the custody of the .BN ccTLD, they are likely to revise the guidelines and policies for registering domain names.

AITI say that the total number of domain names registered for the .BN ccTLD stands at 1351. They further added that government and educational organizations top the domain name registrations for .BN ccTLDs.

Industry experts speculate that AITI will hand over registry services of its .BN ccTLD to a governing body that understands the business dynamics in Brunei. They also feel that with more avenues for businesses opening in the country, there will be registrations from organizations apart from government and educational ones.

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