February 13, 2018

PT Portugal to undergo USD 4.9M data center expansion

The expansion aims to accommodate their ISP Sapo’s servers in order to provide search engine services to Portuguese speaking countries.

Telecom giant

Portuguese telecom company PT Portugal have announced that they are all set to expand their data center in the city of Covilha, Portugal. This expansion, which has an investment of USD 4.9 million, will allow PT Portugal to migrate its ISP (Internet Service Provider) Sapo’s servers to the 800,000 sq.feet data center.

According to PT Portugal, the demand for Portuguese-language search engines is on the rise in countries like Angola, East Timor, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Portugal itself. They further added that in order to meet this demand, the needed to scale the data center at Covilha which caters to their Portuguese speaking clients.

PT Portugal say that along with the search engine service provided by Sapo, these countries will also avail Sapo’s online news portal which will be providing Portuguese news. They also say that with Sapo’s 671 servers migrated to the Covilha data center, latency and distribution issues will be mitigated.

Industry experts opine that PT Portugal, an SBU of Altice, has taken a huge step in stepping up their digital services for low key markets after they sold off their Swiss data centers to Infra Via Capital Partners. They also say that with this data center expansion, PT Portugal will open avenues for Portuguese businesses looking for data center services. As onlookers, it would be interesting to witness how PT Portugal makes the most out of this expansion.