August 23, 2018

Arista collaborates with VMware and Zscaler for security consolidation

The partnership seeks to bring tighter security policies for their customers across virtual workloads and inter as well as intra-cloud networks.

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Software-driven cloud provider Arista Networks have partnered with two companies- VMware and Zscaler to consolidate security policies of their customers. As per the terms of the deal, Arista will be focusing on three key aspects of network and workload security- segmentation of networks, compliance via cognitive control and new platforms with integrated encryption and wide area network.

According to Arista, the emerging cloud arena has put the onus on customers to reduce operational costs and mitigate threats while securing their IT environments. They say that this has also pushed the need to extend common security policies both from the data centers to the cloud as well as from cloud to cloud.

By partnering with VMware, Arista will be collaborating their turnkey networking solution CloudVision with the former’s VMware NSX to enforce security policies across both virtual and physical workloads hosted on the cloud. Whereas, by collaborating with Zscaler, Arista will route inter as well as intra-cloud traffic to secure functionality across any public-cloud platform.

Speaking about this alliance, Jeff Raymond, Arista’s Vice President of Extensible Operating System (EOS) Products and Services, commented:

We’re bringing the physical to VMware, that it wouldn’t otherwise see, into their security domain. The security policy is coming from VMware and being used by Arista switches.

Most networks might not be 100 percent virtualized. This is common policy across the entire data center, which includes physical and virtual.