June 14, 2018

Arm acquires Stream Technologies to strengthen IoT capabilities

The acquisition aims to integrate Stream’s connectivity prowess with Arm’s Mbed IoT platform to provide scalability.

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IoT (Internet of Things) company Arm have acquired Stream Technologies in a bid to strengthen their IoT capabilities. With this acquisition, Stream Technologies will be merging their product’s connectivity prowess with Arm’s Mbed IoT platform to provide organizations complete clarity across all devices irrespective of their location or network.

According to Arm, their Mbed platform allows organizations to securely develop, provision and manage connected devices at scale. They say that this platform enables organizations to manage the connectivity of their devices through all kinds of networks.

By integrating Streams’s products through their Mbed platform, Arm say that they will be able to support connectivity across all major wireless protocols such as cellular, LoRa (Low Range), Satellite, etc. through a single user interface. They claim that the acquisition will allow Arm to provide end-to-end device connectivity solution to organizations leveraging IoT.

Explaining this, Hima Mukkamala, Senior Vice President at Arm for IoT Cloud Services, commented:

Combining Stream Technologies with the Mbed platform will provide organizations with a robust end-to-end IoT platform for managing, connecting, provisioning and updating devices that is easily scalable and flexible. This scalability is critical as we move from billions to trillions of connected devices.